Bloomberg: Completely redesigned iMac, Mac Pro twice the size, new display

Maybe it waited for Apple to have its own processors reviewing the entire iMac design that hasn’t changed since 2012. Mark Gorman, definitely in. great shape Today, Described The future is all-in-one with thinner black borders around the screen. We’ve already come close to the lines of Pro Display XDR, so pop out the big aluminum strip at the bottom of the screen.

The back of the new iMac will be flat, not curved now. Two versions will be planned for this year (J456 and J457), which will replace the 21.5 and 27-inch models. Inquisitive Bloomberg It doesn’t specify if the diagonals will stay the same (and why isn’t the 32-inch iMac the same as the Pro Display XDR?).

Apple is still working on two new Mac Pro models on the desktop side. The first will be the direct successor to the current tower, with identical Mastock design and Intel processors undoubtedly. The second version will use homemade chips, about half the size of the Mac Pro’s aluminum. Apple could have taken inspiration from the elegant lines of Awesome G4 Cube ! This is very exciting.

Late Thunderbolt Show.

Finally, that’s news Nicolas will definitely be pleased, The manufacturer has attacked the development of an external display that is less expensive than the current highly advanced screen. It will not have the same technical characteristics and will be aimed at the average user rather than the professional. We have to go back to 2016 to find the last screen of its kind, the Thunderbolt screen.

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