Brave Neon: New Agent in Episode 4, Chapter 1

In the past year, there have been delays and issues with “Valorant” updates – Riot Games wants to get off to a smoother start in 2022. Neon’s newest agent-shooter specialty is relevant in terms of topic: It’s moving at lightning speed. The Filipino heroine’s inspiration is very clear from the DC superhero Flash – just as he can run Neon so fast, it will create lightning bolts in the process.

Valor: Das Can Neon

Its high-speed electronic capacity increases the speed of the neon and allows it to glide when fully charged. Neon’s “Relay Lightning” Q-Skill lets you shoot lightning from your hands that can bounce off surfaces at once and unleash devastating energy with each impact.

With the “fast lane” – the C-Skill – the agent fires lightning bolts in front of her, which build up on the walls. These obscure the view and shock opponents who want to cross it. Finally, in Imperator Palpatine’s best way, Neon unleashes her power with her ability X “Tension Spike” – with which you can fire lightning-fast thunderbolts at your enemies. With this set, Neon should prove to be very effective at advancing quickly and disrupting enemy attacks, giving your team more time to react, or to carry out flanking maneuvers on your part.

As usual at the beginning of the new episode, Riot Games offers a Battle Pass for “Valorant” – this costs users 1,000 Valorant points and brings with it many rewards.

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