Bring your cell phone to service and it will be hilarious to find a technician

Photography creates the circles of the web. A man brought his broken cell phone into service, but the discovery of technology was hilarious

Man brings his cell phone to help, but the “surprise” is hilarious (Adobe share)

Incredible news. A man picked him up Assisted broken cell phone, Find out what is wrong and fix it. Or at least, this is exactly what happened. After opening the back box of the smartphone, the technician found himself in front A “surprise” with less hilarity.

Card with the most discourse Written in pen.Hi, Please tell my wife that you failed to fix this phone. So he did not check the messages on WhatsApp ” Content, immediately shared by the technician sui Social Networking Has already gone viral. But that’s not all! The note ends “50 Euros is yours, thank you !!“. Under the battery, here is the tick Promised banknote.

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Photo of creating mobile phone, web circuits with the help

Cellphone help
Here is the image that makes up the rounds of the web

Photo The cell phone was brought in to assist the suspect’s husband Has already gone viral. The service technician did not think twice and immediately shared everything on various social networks. Several pages later reposted the image with thousands of followers, It spreads even faster. Maybe that was not what the man wanted, and now the danger of being discovered by his wife and going to a bad end.

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In the end, that 50 euros inserted under the phone battery (Obviously) broken is a kind of guarantee that they will not let the technician speak. The latter wanted pride in money and immediately went viral on the internet creating content. Not to mention that users are going crazy and re-sharing the photo everywhere. Most likely it has already appeared to you Your Facebook or WhatsApp. What happened to the unfortunate husband? Was he vague or did he confess everything to his wife?

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