BSC CryptoTycoon-based DeFi Light Has Completed Fundraising – Latest News

April 30th, DeFi Light Show Cryptotecoin Announce institutional fundraising confirmation. Participating institutions include HappyBlock, CryptoDiffer, R8 Capital, A195 Capital, 4SV, AKG Venture, PrimeBlock Ventures, Amplio Capital (BitMart Labs), T3E (MW Partners), Infinity Labs, CatcherVC, BenMo Labs, Horizon Capital, Ternary Capital, and Seven Star Capital.

to me Official site, CryptoTycoon is a lightweight DeFi gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All founding members of CryptoTycoon worked at Tencent Interactive Entertainment (IEG) and were involved in planning products and front-end operations in online games.

From a DeFi design perspective, CryptoTycoon integrates the DeFi model into Monopoly. Players can spend BNB, BUSD, USDT and other BSC tokens in-game for a chance to roll the dice. To participate in mining in the game, players have to build different types of buildings on different networks and pay taxes to maintain mining production.

Total number of CryptoTycoon Tokens CTT It is 1 million. According to the agreement, participants in the Departure Course Foundation will not be able to open until June 2021, which in total accounts for 3% of the supply of CTT. Also, due to CTT chain transmission, 5% will be burned. Therefore, issuing and converting institutional investments is expected to burn 3000 carats.

to me Roadmap (Task List) for CryptoTycoon, once the first round is complete, there will be a community tour and IDO / IFO fundraising rounds, and the in-game beta of CryptoTycoon will also arrive at the end of May. Players who participate in the beta will also have the opportunity to receive high-value BNB and CTT airdrops during the beta.

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