Build or buy a gaming PC.

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1. Do you want to play on PC?

  • What exactly are games?
    Ganging AAA, Elden Ring, Lost Ark, Cyberpunk, Battlefield if it leads you, POE
  • Which Precision?
    3440 x 1440
  • Ultra/high/medium/low graphics settings?
    For single players, I’d like to move the controls far to the right.
    With POE, for example, this is not very important to me.
    in a
  • 30 . is enough for you FPS Or should it be 60 or even 144fps?
    This is not very important to me with single players. It would be something around 60 that would be nice.
    In team play, especially shooters, this should be 120.

2. Would you like to use your computer to edit photos/music/videos or CAD? As a hobby or are you a professional? What software will you use?


3. Do you have any special requirements or wishes (overclocking, a particularly quiet PC, RGB lighting, …)?
No overclocking.
future proof. This means that the graphics card will only be updated in about 4 years, and the CPU socket should not become obsolete tomorrow. AMD is preferred as the CPU, and Nvidia as the graphics card.
RGB is actually not important to me. It would be nice if the case was white and elegant and had a glass side with a light source whose color I could adapt to the color of the screen.
Otherwise, the lowest possible volume would be nice.
At least 4 USB ports on the front.
At least 6 in the back, more is welcome.

4. How many screens do you want to use? Number, Model, Resolution, Refresh Rate (Hertz)? Do you support FreeSync (AMD) or G-Sync (Nvidia)? (Please include a link to the manufacturer or compare prices!)
1 screen, 120 Hz, 3440 x 1440, AW3420DW, hence the duty of Nvidia.

5. Do you still have an old computer, some of its components can still be used? (Please with links to specifications from the manufacturer or compare prices!)

  • 2 SSDs, I don’t know which one, I think from Crucial (no M2). I would also like to get a new M2.

6. How much money do you want to spend?

about 2500.

7. When do you want to buy the computer? Immediately if possible or can you wait a few more weeks/months?
Right now I’m only playing POE because a lot of things don’t work (even if I often have the FPS drop to 14-20 fps here.
The part must be located by Elden Ring at the latest.

8. Would you like to assemble the computer yourself or assemble it (by the store or by volunteers)?
So if I collect everything myself, I can do it myself. However, I don’t know if it was worth it compared to the effort. The savings must be sufficient.
For example, I found this here:
CSL Calculator
+ 16 GB RAM + Deepcool Macube 310P White + Cable Management + 4 Box Fans = 2513€.

What do you say about that? Are there better alternatives or do you assemble them yourself?

Best regards from Plum FX6300,

Tess Larson

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