Cahors. USLD is experimenting with virtual reality in The Lot

Thanks to the Smile Hospital Association and its donors, seniors in a Cahors Long Term Care Unit (USLD) can now enjoy simple, fun stimulation.

Hôpital Smile, an association formed by a team of volunteers, has been mobilizing in Cahors since 2012 to fund and support, with the help of several donors, various projects in the department’s health institutions. Thanks to the association’s participation, some projects are implemented in all services that welcome children and the elderly in the hospital environment, the main goal of which is to facilitate their stay in the hospital. Today, they are allowing USLD Cahors to take advantage of a new support technology: virtual reality.

Neuropsychologist Carla Khalil explains, “Many of our residents suffer from mood disorders exacerbated by physical problems (chronic pain for example) and a feeling of isolation and isolation from themselves. A non-medical and environmental alternative, by giving them moments of escape and travel in complete safety. In these moments of isolation and confinement. “

Immersion, interaction and imagination

Virtual reality makes it possible to offer the possibility of non-pharmacological therapy to support elderly people suffering from cognitive and mood disorders. The approach thus makes it possible to improve their quality of life without the risks associated with taking psychotropic substances.

The foundations of virtual reality are represented by the Bordia Triangle made up of three components: immersion, interaction, and imagination. Among the various benefits of virtual reality we find: cognitive stimulation (activating positive memories) and calming mood disturbances such as anxiety, sadness or irritability.

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Its use allows a person to regain autonomy by giving them a sense of control, in environments that promote relaxation and memories, for example in the context of adaptive physical activity. Simply put, this technology gives a person a feeling of escape and travel through a perceptual and interactive immersion in a virtual world.

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