Call of the Sea: The adventure game announced on PS4 and PS5

Last May, Without warning, by surprise, suddenly And the Raw anger Unveiled on the occasionInside Xbox Call of the Sea, a colorful adventure game inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft. The game was then introduced as exclusive to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on consoles, the title was released at the end of last year on consoles Microsoft And a computer, however The exclusivity will be short-lived.

And studios today have already announced that Call of the Sea will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 sometime in May 2021Or, in a few weeks. The exact date remains unknown at this time, however Without warning, by surprise, suddenly Participation Smart montage using game images to form a logo Play Station, Impressive above.

See you next month to discover Call of the Sea on PS4 and PS5, The title will be presented in a non-physical version, to be purchased via Cards PSN Sold in Amazon.

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