Can the smartphone actually be used in the bathtub?

Relax in the bathtub and watch a movie or read an e-book on your smartphone. This seems harmless to most people. But what happens if the cell phone falls into the water?

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There is no problem holding your smartphone in your hands while relaxing in the bathtub. At least not in battery mode. The Dasafe Haus (DSH) campaign explains that the voltage is so low that there is no risk to life if the equipment falls into the water.

It looks different while charging. Dr. Susan Walker, Managing Director of DSH Hamburg.

Waterproof devices as an alternative

Regardless of the risk of electric shock, it is not recommended that most technical devices be used near water. Because if liquid penetrates into the casing, it breaks.

If you really want to take your smartphone or tablet to the bathtub, you can get a waterproof device – often found in stores as an external device. These models are assigned to protection class IP67 or IP68, as DSH explains.

IP67 stands for ‘Temporary Immersion Protection’. According to the definition of the protection class, the device is very sealed so that dust cannot penetrate. IP68 also offers protection against dust and can withstand “constant submersion”.

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