Canadian CNO solves 9,000 year old problem for supercomputer in 36 microseconds

Canadian start சனாடு Declared to be Reached the so-called “quantum advantage” Based on which he uses his quantum computerThe problem Photons. The result was achieved in a particular case, but it is significant in the long way leading to a universal quantum computer, capable of making calculations that cannot be done by classical computers.

Xanadu proves the quantum advantage of his computer

The Globe and Mail Reports Created a quantum system using the sonata Photonics: Unlike competitors such as IBM and Google, it uses superconducted superconductors or ion engines using IonQ and Quantinuum at temperatures close to 0 K, and Xanadu’s quits are generated using photons that are manipulated using their quantum characteristics.

In particular, uses Xanadu Infrared photons Optical fibers are inserted into the structure of glass and other components; At three specific points, there are circular paths that allow you to manipulate the photons and interact with each other and make the desired calculations. This approach led to the initial increase in the number of quits very quickly: in the current quantum system, called BorealisThey get really good 216 quitsAlmost twice as much as on the processor IBM Eagle.

An added benefit given by the photonics-based approach Borealis function at room temperature, So without the need to design cryogenic refrigeration complexes that characterize approaches based on superconductors. On the other hand, however, the use of light is more complicated because signal loss inevitably occurs when photons travel through the system.

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As reported NaturalCalculated in borealis 36 microseconds (36 million per second) bosonic model of 216 modes; This calculation is considered difficult (or rather complicated) to deal with classical computers, thereby evaluating the search for solution It will take over 9,000 years.

There are no immediate practical applications to the problem solved by borealis, but its solution in the short term is still significant because it ensures that quantum computers can deliver for certain types of problems. Significant advantages over classic computers.

An interesting feature is that the solution to some problems using quantum computers has already led to the development of classical algorithms capable of following quantum behavior and greatly reducing computational time, thus leading to an immediate advantage over already widely available and exploitable hardware. Practical applications. In other words, the creation of the universal quantum system will still take a long time, but that does not mean that research on them can not be profitable now.

Veronica Tucker

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