Captain Toad – Treasure Tracker: The most relaxing game on the Switch?

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker It is a game released in November 13, 2014 On older generation devices (Including Wii U) It took advantage of another port on which consoles are Nintendo 3DS et la Nintendo Switch. In the game you can control Toad Universe Mario Who must search for different stars while trying to recover three secret gems in each world. The story takes place in the background of this adventure game, as Toad He must be saved Todd From the claws of a bird.

The game is played in a Japanese sandbox style called Hakonewa. Everything is located on one island, as you have to complete several puzzles to advance the map. The enemies are hard to beat since then Toad You cannot jump or fight (In short, toad is a pain reliever).

The game was little success, and it’s still pretty much fun Nintendo Switch. The levels aren’t remarkably difficult, which is definitely the game’s weakness. Captain Todd Very handy, designed for very young players (also), and the main mission can be completed in 2 hours with ease. This is why we should pay then DLC If we want to continue searching for the little treasure of this mushroom.

On the one hand, the graphics are still nice and fun, the game doesn’t attack the ears either and the music remains nice. So it is necessary to take Captain Todd Indeed, an hour of meditation while chasing the stars. Since everything is really simplified, nothing will be created to bring any difficulty. However, the game does invite you to replay levels to try to get it ‘Perfect’ That is, three gems collected before obtaining the final star. For people who are impatient, this game should obviously be avoided for those looking for sensations a little stronger than the Japanese puzzle. Some of the levels, including those that occur mostly underwater, are especially frustrating. Toad It takes incredible time, as he falls into the water, to return to his senses.

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In short, Captain Toad is recommended for two types of players: those who want to relax quietly or very young children. For others, it’s necessary to avoid this and go for Super Mario: Odyssey, more successful.

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