Catastrophic error: HP update renders some ProBooks unusable

HP and Microsoft are facing a major bug that is rendering some ProBook laptops unusable. After automatic update, many users face a black screen after Windows prompts to install the new firmware.

The story begins on May 26 in the HP Support Forum. One user reported that he experienced a fatal crash that rendered his laptop inoperable. Forced and automatic BIOS update blocked HP ProBook 455 G7. Later, other users did so Join the topic To talk about the same problem.

Updating the BIOS is not a benign procedure. A problem during the process such as a power outage or certain tasks being performed in the background that can interfere can render the computer unusable. BIOS is one of the most sensitive components, so an update issue can have serious or even dangerous consequences.

Despite this situation, there are methods that allow automatic and forced BIOS updates. Some users point out that these updates are so problematic that they can run when the computer starts up even if the battery is not fully charged.

At this time, HP has not provided any official comment on this disastrous situation for some of its customers. Victims report that none of the assistance provided by HP works. Returning the device to reprogram the ROM seems to be the only solution.

This situation is not ideal for HP's corporate image, especially with regard to the seriousness of its maintenance. It is difficult to understand how a manufacturer like HP could lack foresight by unilaterally applying buggy BIOS updates that are capable of “killing” laptops. A few users have reported similar issues with some HP desktops, but the bulk of the case concerns the HP ProBook 455 G7.

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Aside from warranty support even for 2020 devices, will HP also cover the financial losses of professionals who are victims of this error?

source : Tom's devices

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