“Change compromised passwords”: What’s behind the Google message

In a historical period of ours Privacy And this Security Our personal data hot topics are not guaranteed to receive a notification from Google, which should tell us about our changes Password For violating this on third party sites. The message that many users receive via email from Mountain View goes like this: Some of the keys stored in the data breach outside Google have been compromised.

Follows an invalid call to click an “Activate” button to activate Security control In order to protect the integrity of the accounts, the authorization through security verification can be used to infringe words and replace infringers.

It didn’t take long for reactions to come on the web, especially on Twitter. Some users have wondered how such a warning is possible. How does Mountain View Company view third-party service passwords? How trustworthy is the Google password manager request? You are still safe if you activateTwo factor recognition?

Used computer Google Security Test, A functionality introduced last year in the Chrome browser that lets you check whether saved email is included in one of the public listings Stolen data. If it appears in the lists, notice Data breach And call to change passwords. For those who use the Big G browser, the security of your accounts can be checked in real time from the settings, and then choose the password and password.

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Among other things introduced with Chrome 88 is the opportunity to evaluate the comparative strength of your passwords, Weak passwords You can change them directly.

In some cases, infringing passwords are no longer in use, but these are statements that still need to be refined, as it has been pointed out by many that the evidence used in the past was sometimes even years ago.

As soon as you receive a data breach notification from Google, you want to proceed Cross-examination, Since 2013 “HaveIBeenPwned“, By entering your email it allows you to verify which data leaks are involved.

By activating the appropriate service, you will be notified if your identity data is stolen or infringed and your account is compromised.

Veronica Tucker

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