Charles Leclerc on the cover of the ‘F1 2022’ video game

As a form of recognition? After the start of the season that propelled him to first place in the championship, the talk about the Monaco driver continues, but this time with a different record. Charles Leclerc himself has just announced that he has been chosen by the Electronics Arts brand to cover F1 2022.

Expect new virtual reality and game modes

While the new F1 is slated for a July 1, 2022 release, it appears some insiders have been able to get a taste of this new version in preview. If the History mode, which was looked at during recent releases, has disappeared, a new game mode called F1 Life should appear. It could allow you to get into the shoes of an F1 driver, on and off the track, where it will even be possible to collect racing cars, watches…

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Even crazier. F1 2022 should enter a new category, by making a VR helmet compatible mode accessible! If the new circuits that have appeared this season are to appear in the game, then the Russian Grand Prix and its circuit in Sochi, should do the opposite, in compliance with the policy of the publisher, which specifically removed the Russian national football game teams and selections, FIFA, for example example.

With an official FIA license, it is clear that it will be possible to drive on all circuits of the 2022 calendar, with twenty drivers on the grid and ten teams on the circuit. Sprint races should also appear for the first time. F1 2022 will also come in two versions, the Standard Edition and the Champions Edition; With some unlocked tools in addition to the classic version.

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