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BIOSTAR, the popular PC manufacturer, has revealed its list of motherboards that are compatible with Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Unsurprisingly, the brand only includes motherboards that include the TPM 2.0 chip, a sine qua non to be able to take advantage of the next OS.

Credit: Biostar

As you probably know, Microsoft has just officially introduced Windows 11 During New conference. After introducing many upcoming novelties, such as Brand new start menu, a Revised and Corrected Version of Office, or redesign Settings appThe American company revealed Minimum configuration required to take advantage of the new operating system.

Well, it’s true that Redmond got a little tangled up in their brushes during their show, especially because computer health check. This tool, provided by Microsoft, allowed users to see if إذا Their devices meet the required conditions. However, the tool provided very little information for users’ tastes. After this controversy, Microsoft pulled the tool back to work on itbefore returning in the fall of 2021.

TDM chip, condition to take advantage of Windows 11

in the process, So Microsoft has clarified the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Thus, it will be especially necessary to have a motherboard equipped with a TDM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) chip. This chip, connected directly to the motherboard, protects the computer from external attacks by isolating sensitive data.

Knowing this, some component manufacturers decided to take the initiative and declare their devices compatible with Windows 11. This is especially the case in BIOSTAR, which Just revealed the list of motherboards compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system تشغيل. Unsurprisingly, all current motherboards are equipped with a TDM 2.0 chip and Secure Boot.

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Notably, it includes all AMD Ryzen motherboards, from the 300 series to the latest 500 series. This is excellent news for motherboard owners, since older models dating back to 2017 are compatible with Windows 11. On the Intel side, things are also unfortunately more complicated , with a small list of compatible devices. Judge for yourself.

List of Biostar motherboards compatible with Windows 11


  • A520 . series
  • B550 . series
  • X570 . series
  • B450 . series
  • X470 . series
  • X370 . series
  • B350 . series
  • A320 . series

Intel Corporation

  • Z590 . series
  • B560 . series
  • B460 . series
  • H510 . series
  • B250 . series
  • J4105NHU

Source : Wccftech

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