Cherbourg. In the city centre, the former bar has become a space for virtual reality games

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“This is great. I love my new space.” To hear these words from the mouth of Thibault Felix, responsible From DreamAway in Cherbourg (Manche), we had to wait eight months!

Eight months of hard workWithout the help of anyone, except the courage and will of his partner, Anne-Charlotte, and Jerome, his father-in-law, he achieved this result.

“Great opportunity”

One can hear: “It's wonderful and wonderful.” Building opening the Friday, May 31, 2024. In the presence of mayorBenoit arrived, and no less than 70 guests, Thibault Felix was finally able to admire him The new modern creation And cocoon.

Not virtual, but very real, with sixteen game squares replacing the twelve of the past. Five lounges and space to quench your thirst are now accessible within the hotel Cultural centerDream Away.

We have been presented with the wonderful opportunity of being able to purchase this old pub which has been vacant for a long time. The goal was to be able to give the building the image we wanted, which was created entirely by my father-in-law, my wife and me. We've redesigned the image so people can play it the way I want. This also makes it possible to receive groups and explain the games to them, without everyone hearing or seeing.

Thibault Felix, VR Games Area Manager

To understand the progress of work, just consult Instagram Customized for the brand.

It is also possible that Reserve a slotTo come alone, between friends or in the familyIn a fun atmosphere, with A Friendly and warm bossx, such as its unique buildings and floor coverings.

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