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When we talk about players we didn’t know when they arrived and now people are afraid to see them leave, it means that there has been a good development in the meantime. I’m not worried. If an important player leaves, it is my turn to replace him with a new important player or a young grown manOlivier Renard said Friday.

Robert Thorkelson, for example, doesn’t play much. You might think it’s a bad acquisition. But I tell you, we are preparing them. They are young. They must eat black bread before playing. We see them advance every day.he added.

For now, CF Montreal will have to wait to see if offers come true for some players while they plan moves. The summer transfer window has been launched in Europe, and even if he is satisfied with his workforce, the chief sporting officer is open to letting some elements go.

I am ready for any position. There is no indispensable player on the team. There are important players, but no one is essential. On the day when there is a show and on the sporting side we are ready to send a player, I talk about it with the board and we make the decision at that time. Of course, if I’m not ready to replace any player, it means that I and my team are not doing well.It is to explain.

When asked if the players could leave this summer, he answered: maybe.

As announced earlier this season, Olivier Renard intends to heed the players’ will. He does not see an urgency in conducting exchanges, but is ready for any eventuality.

Keeping someone against their will is not a good thing in sports in general and I make no secret of that. If the player wants to leave, this is the starting point. It certainly wouldn’t leave for free if it was deemed of value. All three parties must agreeHe said.

However, he repeated several times that he was not assured of knowing that players could receive offers. And from there the challenges for his team begin.

I always say that the most important player is the player who will come to replace the player who left. When an important player leaves, everyone wonders what we would be without him. […] Everyone is talking about Djordje [Mihailovic] Now, but until the last game when he came out a few minutes later, we scored four goals after that. The team is not only Georgian, even if it is an important player. This is a team sport. If someone is singles, we play tennis.

However, it was clear with the agents of the CF Montreal players. Although he is open to transfers, he has no plans to allow his entire squad to leave.

The goal is not to leave five, six or seven players in the transfer window. Players and agents know this, too. This is the first offer that comes up or anyone is interested in selling. Then, if there are more than two, three or four players, the door will be closed at that timeis done.

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