CircostAuto greets all Zucchero and Gazzelle fans with free tools

It looks like the summer of 2021 at Rocilla Jonica is not over yet. In fact, two big
Musical action is approaching and will conclude the season that will mark the next season in style
A step towards returning to normal life in the post-Covid era.
Zucchero and Gazzelle are the two artists who joined a really rich streak this summer
He was seen on the magnificent stage of the castle of the Ionian city. Yes sugar Fornaciari
It will premiere on the 22nd, while the new idol of Generation Z (but not only) is expected,
Even with two dates, 25th and 26th.
Also on this occasion, CircostAuto’s support for events
Great depth of territory. Union solidified through years of partnership between
Well-known franchisor and great musical performances held in the tourist city, the confirmation event
Also this year, on the occasion of the last three dates of the Roquela Summer Festival.
Zucchero and Gazzelle, although there are very different artists united by followers and great affection for
The proponents involved, for the latter, it was in fact necessary to incorporate a new history (
26) after the scheduled day of the 25th.
For all fans of guest singers in Calabria, CircostAuto has thought of free distribution
One of the instruments designed to commemorate the three evenings planned for the end of September.
These are customized bags, a product that has become a special trend in recent years
It can be collected directly on the evenings when concerts will be held, at the venue
Dedicated to the main sponsor, easily recognizable due to one of the new jeeps to be built
Nice view of himself.
To be able to order and collect gadgets for free, just send “Music” to your WhatsApp number
391 711 6247 (or by clicking on the following link:

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