Circus arts program goes into virtual reality واقع

Unable to perform in 2020, the Circus Arts Concentration at Polyvalente de Disraeli cannot leave another year to pass without this important event highlighting the talent and efforts of the students. So the team innovates again by making a virtual reality show.

During a meeting between Rosemary Fillion, a trainer on the show, her mother, Natalie Boleyn, and Patrick Nadeau, co-owner of Nadeau Photo Solution, the idea began to emerge. We talked to him about the mini VR contracts for Aria Circus Academy. I thought to myself why I didn’t do the same thing in high school. I showed it to André (Garon) and Hélène (Laplante), as well as to the director (Jonathan Brochu) and they were delighted. We ran some tests and everyone loved it. So we decided to make a full show,” Rosemary explained.

This creativity is a great compromise for students and an excellent source of motivation. “When we couldn’t hold it last year, it was just a postponement for the juniors, but in the adults, not many were lucky. Those who finished this year wanted to finish it with a show,” André Garonne said.

A lot of work

3D capture of the students’ performance required several hours of preparation and work, as well as robust logistics. “We had to work on two sets, in the Desjardins hall and in the circus hall, where we could not move certain equipment such as the trampoline and acrobatic floor deck,” André Garonne said.

It was also necessary to take the instruments of the musicians into the hall so that they could perform and the plastic arts teachers had to plan several outings for the students so that they could do make-up for the acrobatics. In addition, it required several hours of assembly to reach the final product. The alternating presence of high school students 3, 4 and 5 also complicated the process. Finally, the team noted the great cooperation of the teachers who enabled the young people to leave their school path.

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It is possible to watch the show thanks to thirty virtual reality headsets from Nadeau Photo Solution. Many elementary schools in the Appalaches Schools Service Center have already booked slots. It is also presented to the general public in the Desjardins Hall of the Polyvalente de Disraeli. However, it is important to book with Marjorie Bellavance at 418449-3200, 4008 extension.

General schedule

Monday 14th June – 5pm or 8pm

Tuesday 15th June – 5pm or 8pm

Wednesday 16th June – 5pm or 8pm

Thursday 17th June – 5pm or 8pm

Saturday 19th June – 1pm, 4pm or 8pm

Sunday 20 June – 1 pm

*Monday 21 June – Additional if needed

*Tuesday 22nd June – Additional if needed

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