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Coding VR, based in Chatelera, develops solutions for businesses, communities and other structures looking for virtual or augmented reality.

Video games, serious gaming, heritage tours across interlaced screens… CodingVR navigates many realities. Created at the end of 2021, the young company Châtelleraudaise is a studio for 3D virtual experiences. Stéphane Barbot summarizes “experiments in a broad sense including video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more, the metaverse, which blends 3D, the web, and cryptocurrency.” A developer and computer engineer, the leader advances in these parallel worlds on familiar territory. He cut his teeth in the video game and car innovation sectors long before embarking on this new professional adventure. With CodingVR, it offers its clients individual solutions that combine digital and artificial intelligence, if necessary in collaboration with game designers, graphic designers, developers, animators …

Thus, the company is working on a serious 3D game dedicated to a Parisian company operating in the social assistance sector. Secrecy required, we won’t know more but the first release of the game is expected this year. At the same time, many nursing homes in Vienne and Normandy have called on CodingVR’s expertise to put virtual reality at the service of the well-being and entertainment of their residents.

Blossac Digital Theater

The third project CodingVR is currently undertaking has earned him his choice of Créa’Vienne. Using pictorial analogy, also used in AAA games, Stéphane Barbot digitized the Blossac Theater in Châtellerault. The auditorium, the camp, the underside of the theater, the corridors, the baristel, every corner of the Little Italian Theater has passed through it. As part of a project called “Virtual Heritage”, Grand Châtellerault has expressed interest in this approach which can not only serve as the basis for an immersive and/or enjoyable visiting experience, but also contribute to the protection of this historic site. And few others are like him. “The idea is to use the Blossac Theater for prototyping,” explains Stéphane Barbot. 3D solutions are often expensive because they are custom designed, unlike the so-called “off-the-shelf” solutions that CodingVR wants to offer. Principle: Reproducing the technical bases to put them at the service of individual projects, whatever the field. Today, the activity of the young company is mainly focused on video games, but Stefan Barbeau is already planning to publish it in training and interior design …

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