Color draws GeForce GT 1010 at DDR4

A graphics card that promises to be less powerful than the original model with GDDR5 …

In January 2021, NVIDIA has updated the Pascal architecture with the GT 1010 ; a GeForce we couldn’t like the first pictures of A year later, at the beginning of 2022. With a Pascal GPU, GP108, chiselled at 14nm, 256 CUDA cores, and 2GB of DDR5, this graphics card blows up a bit in 2022. If in addition, like colorful, Swap its DDR5 memory for DDR4 memory, and you will definitely get an outdated graphics card.

The GeForce GT 1010 as we know runs 2GB of GDDR5 at 6Gbps on a 64-bit memory interface. This gives it an impressive memory bandwidth of 48GB/s. The color version takes advantage of 2.1 Gbit/s DDR4 memory; Memory bandwidth drops to 16 GB/s. note GeForce GT 1030 in DDR4 is half as fast as GDDR5, we let you predict the performance of the GT 1010; Those for the DDR5-equipped version are given in Geekbench in the following table.

Graphics Card GT1010 GT 1030 1030/1010 RTX-3090 3090/1010
CUDA result 7730 10,328 137% 238257 3082%
result Vulcan 7677 10178 133% 139,885 1822%
result OpenCL 7983 10,699 134% 205,030 2568%
Geekbench results

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From 30 watts to 20 watts

To wrap up the specs, note that the GPU’s base frequency is 1151MHz while the Boost frequency peaks at 1379MHz. The TDP of this graphics card drops to 20W; It’s 30 watts for the original model.

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The color card occupies one slot. It is cooled by a heat sink that covers only half of the PCB attached to a fan. GeForce GT 1010 provides two additional HDMI ports. Finally, it draws its power directly from the PCIe port and therefore does not require any additional power connector.

source : Video Cards

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