Comedian Fred Bott publishes a role-playing game about Dieppe in the 1950s

In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), comic book illustrator Fred Bot released a role-playing game. The city of Angola is mentioned in particular on YouTube. (© Les Information Dieppoises)

In September 2022, a painter cartoons From Dieppe (Seine Maritime)Fred Pott, release the black gin, a role-playing game Set in 1950s France.

The painter wanted to simplify it as much as possible to make it accessible and even made a copy that evokes Dieppe.

The story is available on YouTube

In addition to a video dedicated to explaining the role-playing game Black Faerie, Fred Boot has started showing his single game on his YouTube channel. He makes videos every week where he plays alone telling a story. For him, in singles play, “there are really no limits. I have absolutely no idea where the story is going to go, it’s a discovery as you go.”
Its history relates to Dieppe in the 1950s “It is a mixture of Dieppe today and years past. There we also find killer whales and different characters, always inspired by the world of Audiard.

To introduce it as simply as possible, its creator explains, “It’s a bit like when you’re a kid where you tell a story. But there, it’s about the rules.”

Since his teens, in the city of Angola, the painter appears in role-playing with his friends.

Media coverage of role plays inspires him

Admittedly, the world of role-playing games is not among the most popular and many cliches still exist regarding this hobby.

However, a couple of years ago, Fred Bot noticed the revival of RPGs. More specifically on YouTube, in pictorial format.

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“Seeing this kind of thing made me want to go back to it happily,” he says.

Videos: Currently in Actu

An additional reason for his release on this project: he did not have the possibility to work on a comic strip.

So he had three months to work on designing a role-playing game.

To help him, he called a friend with whom he met on social networks, Johann Krebs. But what is the game?

We play killer whales, elves, and pygmies in 1950s France, in the style of Michel Audiard (editor’s note, film director) in slang and typical formulas of the 1950s and 1960s.

unique boot

He enjoyed making it, doing what he liked to do, which is: writing, drawing…

A touch of modernity

But why this topic? “There are a lot of RPGs inspired by American films from the 1930s and 1940s. Black French films take on American codes but are often clumsy, which can give off funny and highly recognizable codes to play.”

However, due to the development of society, Fred Butt wanted to give it a touch of modernity, so that women could also play freely.

To make the game as accessible as possible, he wanted to simplify the system for choosing his character “within 30 seconds to start the game quickly. You have to play with a deck of 54 cards which will allow the game to create a grid and content,” continues the creator.

Even if the role-play is aimed at an audience of at least 35 years old and familiar with Audiard cinema, “I want someone to feel comfortable when they play. The idea is to simplify and make it less complicated with quick tricks.” Furthermore, he recently made it available on his own (read the interview).

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Practical: The Black Faerie role-playing game is available at either for physical purchase or as a free PDF download.

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