Companies will play the game, CCI President Seine Estuaire believes

Training the unemployed is at the heart of the government’s plan to combat labor shortages. An envelope worth 1.4 billion euros will be dedicated to helping job seekers find work and companies to hire. The state will allocate 600 million euros to “strengthen” employee training by small and medium-sized businesses by allowing those with less than 300 employees to train an additional 350,000 people. The government also intends to promote vocational retraining thanks to the device of “collective shifts”, so that employees whose jobs are exposed are transformed into jobs in which they are hired.

We are also in an intercompany competition for more motivated employees. Leah Lasarat

Whatever the size of the company, the profile, there were already companies that, some time ago, it was easier to recruit because they were good…we got paid well” Notes CCI President Seine Estuaire Léa Lassarat In France Blue Normandy. “We can see that it is still developing because these companies there are also facing difficulties.”

_ When I heard the news of (_ the government’s plan) I obviously thought about what the government put in place for vocational training, for example, which was a real success in the professional plan with 150 traders and even with large companies or more. The companies have seen what it has been like and I believe the companies will play along with the new assistance provided.”

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