Copa City is a management game about football, but with a completely new perspective, announced with a trailer

One of the surprises announced at PC Gaming Show 2024 Copa City is a game that focuses on a specific concept: This is a manager who has put us in danger Management of Major Football TournamentsIn this way enormous events must be organized and controlled as much as possible.

The developers call him the first “football boss”, and it's really like this: we completely control the entire system of events connected with football matches in Copa City, without going, however, to the qualifications of the team.

In the role of a general organiser, we are called upon to manage transport, meeting points, side events and many other details that can make up football matches. Big shows Capable of attracting large crowds.

First “Football President”

is the opinion Attracts a large number of fans A comfortable, safe and pleasant way to the competitions.

This sounds like a simple matter but, especially when dealing with large crowds of “fees”, it may not be.

We have to organize in Copa City Transportation, itineraries, navigation systems Collateral events like installation of mega screens and other elements in the arena. There are many aspects to manage in such cases and the game informs us about all of them.

Copa City takes advantage of official licenses Bayern Munich, Arsenal and FlamengoBut as already announced by the developers of Triple Espresso, with other teams that will be added to the list.

The game is expected on PC in 2025, with more details coming in the coming months.

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Veronica Tucker

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