Correction of the message “Gießen: Stolen mobile phone

Jessin (ots) –

Gisen: Cell phone stole – suspect arrested

It was erroneously reported that the act took place on Thursday. It is true that the theft occurred on Monday at lunchtime.

This is the corrected message:

At lunchtime on Monday (04.10.2021) around 1:10 pm, a man hit a 45-year-old woman from Gießen in the face at the “Rudolf-Diesel-Straße” bus stop. Despite the resistance, the suspect snatched the victim’s mobile phone from his hand and continued to beat her. After the 45-year-old managed to escape, the stranger at first followed her briefly and then escaped with the prey. The injured woman came to the Gießen clinic with bruises. A witness filmed the man running away. Investigations, in which evidence and witness recordings were very important, then led to a 40-year-old Senegalese, residing at the initial reception facility in Hesse. A search of his room did not lead to the discovery of the stolen cell phone. On the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office in Gissin, the investigators brought the suspect before a judge. He issued an arrest warrant for two teens in their forties due to the risk of absconding, who were subsequently transferred to a correctional facility in Hessen. Any witnesses who remain unknown to police about what happened Monday at lunchtime are asked to contact the Jessen Criminal Police at 0641/7006-2555.

Original content from: Police headquarters in central Hesse – Gießen press office, transmitted by aktuell news

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