Cotentin: Tours this summer to discover the EDF power plant in Flamanville

Locals and tourists can visit the site of the Flamanville Power Station until mid-September, but also learn more about electricity and energy in the discovery area. (© La Presse de la Manche)

This Summer 2021And middle Flamanville (Some) can be visited. Even mid september, From Discovery Tours and the animation Thus, it is presented to the curious EDF. Visiting pedestrians in particular allows Discover the site From the heights of the cliff and stand In the employee’s shoes.

Visit before Explanations on nuclear energy and the operation of power plants. Then it’s time to prepare and pass security inspection.

Guide for 21 years, accompanying Bruno Sanson group of tourists across the 120 hectares From the site this morning from July. Along this hour-long excursion, we discover the training campus, cooling basins and of course, a panoramic view of the reactors from the heights. However, getting into the infrastructure is impossible, Covid commits.

Explain and do not convince

Two points in particular visitor question: waste storage and the Cooling water drain outside. According to Amelie Bonin, Communications Officer at EDF:

Nuclear power has suffered greatly from obscurity. So there is a strong demand for transparency. But when we know and understand, we feel reassured.

These summer tours are intended for residentsby will local mooring, But also for tourists. “Everyone has the right to understand how the plant works,” continues Amelie Bonin. The idea is to revive the immersion in life and not to impress visitors. Moreover, among the visitors are also septic tanks.

“What’s wrong with EPR?” “

Samuel Cisse came from Paris for a month’s vacation and took the opportunity to come to satisfy his curiosity. “What’s wrong with EPR?” I, this is obsessing me,” he explains. As he inquires at News Papers and on Youtube, also wanted to hear the official speech of the EDF.

This is the usual connection: everything is fine, we are in control. I do not denigrate, I try to understand.

while he owns electric car, also wondering if 56 French power stations It will be able to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

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In the group, a Couple from Brest Came to get acquainted with the power plant. “I didn’t even have proof. I’ll think about it now by turning on the switch!” Husband admits. They both liked it Site sizeand security and Number of Employees : 1550 agents And 2400 subcontractors Only to power the two reactors, they were commissioned in 1985 and 1986.

Last summer, 850 visitors Thus he discovered the location and background of Flamanville, although The health context associated with Covid-19. It is also possible to visit the discovery area, among the models of the power plant, reactor console and virtual reality headsets.

and for children displayed detective game And look for evidence of electricity and energy. What to know from childhood Where does our electricity come from.

Guided Tours of the Discovery District (1 hour) Monday through Saturday 9, 11, 2 and 4 p.m. Cliff Walk Tours (3 hours) Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (12 years minimum) . Survey Tuesdays and Friday Creations take place from 2-4 p.m. (6 years minimum). Reservations are required at [email protected] or at 02 33 78 70 17.

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