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Absent on Thursday, July 8, from the Quimper Assizes Court, a 55-year-old man was tried for fraud committed between January and August 2020. The defendant then rented a mobile home, which was installed at a camping site in Pont-Aven. which was not owned by him. The owner is his former partner. The latter was present at Thursday’s session.

A complaint was filed and the defendant was arrested in August. At first, at the age of 50, he mentioned an agreement with his ex-wife to rent a mobile home. Will back out later.

Gypsies, Turks and Karmoisan leader …

The man was also tried for threatening to kill his ex-wife. “I will kill you. I will bring you the chief of the gypsies, the Turks, Karmoisan …” he wrote in an e-mail. It is also alleged that this former police officer, whose criminal record contains four entries, threatened to use his knowledge of his previous profession to intimidate the victim. The investigators, before admitting the facts, would have mentioned “atypical humor”.

“He thinks he’s above the law.”

“He believes in himself above the law,” laments Pauline Jorett. The situation now appears more peaceful between the victim and the accused. “We are definitely in a very digestible rupture. But we are talking about a scam that put people in trouble,” said prosecutor Jean-Baptiste Duples. He needed ten months in prison. Me Ronan Garet made sure to recall the state of health of his client, who “was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ” and who is receiving “intensive treatment.” He demanded his release. The court sentenced him to four months in prison and he will have to compensate the victims up to 1,400 euros.

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