CPIE launches game to raise awareness of biodiversity

It is an innovative interactive game, which has been put online since mid-December. At the initiative of the project, the Thau CPIE Basin launched the challenge of creating an “escape game” within 48 hours, with a special theme: awareness of marine biodiversity. The project was a real success, funded by the department under the participatory budget, and won the award for “Social and Environmental Innovation” from the Fondation Banque Populaire du South.

The game was initially planned to be a life-size game, due to the health crisis. But its design and presentation in digital form had to be initially revised, while the release in the collection is expected very soon. The game revolves around Professor Cephalos, who in the year 2189 tried to understand the attitude of the population of our time in the face of the catastrophe that he sees through his scientific research.

So we must help this professor solve simple puzzles, so that he can understand, for example, why the sea has become acidic, why the shells of some mollusks are weakened or even how difficult it is for the oceans to capture carbon dioxide. The importance and role of seashells…plastic, referred to, goes without saying. Thus, by solving puzzles, by reading “shock illustrations”, the player is made aware of the problems of climate change, erosion and plastic pollution. They are indirectly encouraged to choose a responsible attitude and actions. A game enjoyed by all age groups, this “escape game” is an excellent way to spend time with your family during the end of year festivities.

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It is offered free of charge in digital form on the site www.2189-le-jeu.fr

For those who want to deepen their approach to biodiversity conservation, information is presented to players at the end of the game.

It will take a few months to find the game in the media library. informations: www.cpiebassindethau.fr

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