Crazy tool that paints on glass and walls What you send from the app: To buy! – Video

The ideal device for children and adults alike. It’s called Scribit and it allows you to draw on walls and glass without getting dirty or leaving traces.

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Between 2020 and 2021, introduce us to the world of technology Lots of amazing inventionsAnd he continued to do so. It is not surprising that there has been a boom in wearables and smart home devices.

Shortly thereafter, more and more people began to greet with enthusiasm New technical toolsEven those who were more conservative. On the other hand, large companies are constantly looking for systems Simplify everyday life.

Precisely for this reason, the smart home took off, and was a huge success For his ability to solve everyday matters. It also happens with new generation devices or electric cars.

But, apparently, engineers are also interested in situations that may seem trivial, even if they are not. Like, for example, the fact that Our children love to paint on the walls of the house This often ends up destroying them.

Now there is a solution. he is called he is writing It is a device that allows you to Draw on the walls, then you are allowed to erase everything. Connected to a smartphone, it can even reproduce the images inside.

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Scribit, the device that draws on walls and glass

Really interesting idea, as it can come in handy To decorate the walls of your home, club or restaurant. But it will also be useful in the office to present a project at a meeting.

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It is a kind of vertical plotter It moves along the wall to reproduce the drawing sent to it via the application. A project born in Turin-based design studio CRA Carlo Ratti Associati is a tool that re-proposes the idea of ​​”graffiti” on the walls, as Ratti himself recounted.

To use it, it is necessary to put two screws on the wall, where the Dyneema (highly resistant synthetic fiber) cable will be installed allowing the Scribit To move horizontally and vertically along the wall.

This is possible in the middle of the device Place up to four different colored pencils And then you’ll need a power outlet to power it up. With the Scribit app it will be possible Send photos to the system via Wi-Fi So as to reproduce it on the wall.

Thanks to special brushes like Plaster Scribit Marks that they Glass Scribit SignsThe lamp can also be painted on plasterboard, plaster and glass. with a certain procedure, He can then delete everythingIt became a kind of rubber.

he is writing
The drawing is reproduced by the application

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You can buy Scribit in a bundle Includes 48 plaster markers To paint on the walls at a cost €499.99. To access the online store, click Who is the.

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