Creative Director Sean Skeige returns to Naughty Dog

It is no secret that the launch Marvel’s Avengers It did not go as planned for Crystal Dynamics. If the game is still going on for several years, then it is no wonder to see some of the VIPs on the project sail to new heights after completing their mission, as is the case with Shawn Askig.

Dismantling the Avengers

After turning on the side of the Avengers, Sean Skeige returns to Naughty Dog, And it’s a studio he knows well since he’s been there for several years, with projects like The last of us And the Anonymous 4.

He was the creative director of Marvel’s Avengers, And the person who was specifically responsible for the game’s main campaign. Even if this game is being brought to expand with the arrival of new characters like Black Panther, it is not surprising that we see him leaving the project giving his job in the first place.

However, he specifies in his tweet that Marvel’s Avengers « In safe hands “, Just to reassure those who thought the game would suffer this departure.

Marvel’s Avengers Available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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