Cyberbunk 2077 has major issues with the PS4 and Xbox One

CD Project Red’s Most Expected Open World RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, Is now in the hands of the public – players are signing in to discover the most unused experience on past generation consoles.

Clips showing flaws, frame rate issues, key pop and more have started to go viral on social media, though all of this is not clear Cyberpunk Players try the game with zero connection for the day. After all, some fans initially found ways to play the game through such methods Changing the time zone of their consoles. Developers CD Project Red, if You have already loaded the game, Then you already have a one day link to start from the trip. As the release night unfolds, scenes re-emphasizing the same kind of issues have emerged.

Balacon watched dozens of live streams showing the basic PS4 and Xbox One gameplay, along with the Beaver versions of each console. Many accidents, Agile Game, Freeze, Strange Geometry NPCs and many more. What can be seen more in the community now will show fans now Not playing with a one day connection, Seems to be prevalent in some types of technical hiccups or in others All Versions of older consoles based on what we saw on sites like Twitch and YouTube Live.

Fans who try the game on the computer, meanwhile – especially top-off-line rickshaws – are okay, based on what we see in live streams. At least, compared to older generation consoles. There are reports that trees and shrubs appear clipping through things in the system, but it seems Updating your drivers Will take care of the problem. But there are still fans who say that, Even on the computer, No things Always running Evenly.

Early reviewers, it should be noted, were all given the PC code of the game. While some critics have found flaws, most reports now make no mention of what is being shared on social media. During an Xbox One stream, Balagon saw a player complaining that a car was nowhere to be seen, causing them to crash. Another player had to restart their game after trying to make rapid progress through the Xbox One dialog – which happened more than once during the broadcast. The game seems to be the most difficult when running during open-world divisions.

All in all, not all the flaws that fans are experiencing right now are game breakers. Interestingly, some fans sometimes find infamous penis models Clip through your character’s clothes. (NSFW warning on that link!)

However, the problem is big, in short order, the gaming community has turned everything into a monument. Uploads images of PS1, PS2 or N64 games in this format, with strong antivirus language used to critique the console version Cyberpunk. Instead of being disappointed, some players have decided to embrace the dark humor of trying to run a new game on a 7-year-old console.

The CD did not respond in a timely manner to Project Red’s release. Prior to the release, the studio was reported to be subject Comprehensive crisis time, Even after that Promises again and again Does not force its workers to do so.

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Veronica Tucker

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