Deaf mute thief arrested for stealing electronic devices


Police said Thursday that a suspect posing as deaf and dumb has been arrested for allegedly stealing valuables from residences located in Sushant Lok-1 in Sector 43. Police added that the suspect is part of a Tamil Nadu gang operating in the Delhi-NCR area, including In it gurogram.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Virinder Vij said that at least 10 false certificates issued in Tamil Nadu were recovered from the suspect which showed him to be deaf and dumb.

“The suspect continued to play deaf-mute for about an hour while making hand gestures after his arrest. But when he was harshly interrogated, he started to speak and confessed to his crime,” said Vig DCB.


The suspect is Jagdish Govindan, 23, from Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Police said he stole three laptops from a house on April 12 and another laptop and a cell phone from another house on May 25.

DCP Vij said Govindan was arrested near the Gold Souk Center in Block C on June 6. He leaked details about one of his associates. He used to give her the stolen items to ship to Vellore by train with the help of other members,” added the DCP.

Police Station Officer (SHO) at Sushant Lok Poonam Kumari Police Station said the gang members were selling tools in Vellore.

Kumari said police received news that a gang member had been working in a certain area for a few weeks. “The old member is replaced by a new one to avoid being caught. They hold fake deaf-mute certificates to prove to people that they are begging for a living.”

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Police said the gang members came from Tamil Nadu by train and were living in rented accommodation in Delhi’s Sarai Kali Khan district.

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