Deleted various tweets related to the Blue Box game? –

At the mysterious Sony announcements that were to take place this week, someone obviously thought so Abandoned And the game has reappeared, but not for the good news, it seems: the well-known motorcyclist McDonald these hours, how pointed Blue box team To Deleted several tweets Past facts about the features of the mysterious PS5 game.

According to McDonald’s, who is especially well known in the soul – like community, he has become a kind of celebrity in this area, with Blue Box deleting most tweets in which he has dropped and explained some attributes. Reasons why the game’s popular demo weighed 6GB, despite the very short animation. It had to be opened later, according to the developers, because there was a lot of content inside.

Lance McDonald has proven himself a lot Critic Against the Blue Box and Abandoned, there was a strong suspicion earlier that the whole story might actually be a kind of disappointment, so even in this case his messages point to the fact that the game may have been canceled. “After several months, all of these tweets were deleted and I don’t think this game ever existed,” McDonald said.

However, some tweets are still visible, referring to the Blue Box blog below, which was dropped with the announcement of a “real-time experience application”. In short, the mystery is destined to continue and the game will be at the center of various theories until new official information comes out, but in the meantime we report these mysterious variations as well.

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Veronica Tucker

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