Deleting WhatsApp messages costs us a lot

WhatsApp news is proof of debt and therefore an excuse to repay debt.

WhatsApp News (Adobe)

How many times have you been there Found We may have lent money to a friend or relative. How many times It will happen That money will never come back Again, Despite promises, despite repeated requests to remain silent. Unfortunately, some things go this way, Rarely Some cash loans end up upside down Very ok, As we imagined.

And almost Total In lawsuits, we lose money and the relationship with the debtor. Whether he is a friend or a relative is a little, for sure Kinetics Tend to contribute Degeneration Of the report. Missing is, in some cases, a guarantee that it is not clearly imagined to exist Find out. Certificate, in a way, even in debt. But, in this way, between some friends or relatives, it becomes clear that it is good Defensive measures Not used.

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Deleting WhatsApp messages can make us lose a fortune: the solution has arrived

In the case, Unexpectedly Very often, a situation arises where the borrower is unable to repay the amount received, or Even No, the lender has it In fact Very low level of security. But recently, something seems to have changed in this regard. With Sentence number. 8332/2020 Court Defendant confirmed that the screen shot of the chat indicates real evidence and may be Purchased By the judge.

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This means Case In which, among friends or relatives, the debtor hesitates Return For the amount to be paid, you can report it and you will have a chance to win the controversy in the presence of a message Share It testifies to the contract.

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A great one NewsIn short, however, at this point, it may cause grief for those who have been canceled in the past Some conversations on WhatsApp.

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