Dembell Motorhomes – an ultra-luxury mobile home

How far can you go when it comes to luxury when considering buying a mobile home? If you are an elite, you may want to turn your attention to Dembell Motorhomes – a new European brand that wants to offer more luxury models, a type of land yacht.

Using the Mercedes-Benz Actros three-axle truck as its foundation, the Dimple motorhome relies on luxury, space and noble materials. Most importantly, it has a garage, which comes in three different versions.

The smallest of these three rooms is called the Side Package Room, which allows you to transport bikes, motorbikes, or even quad bikes to your destination. The next is called “Small Garage”, which allows you to transport a small car like a Smart, for example.

The third is called the “big garage”, which can accommodate cars from 4 to 4.5 meters. On his website, Dembele cites the Ferrari California as an example, but the side profile of the Ferrari Roma is also featured in the illustration. However, the two Italian cars are more than 4.5 meters long. This length should be more than enough for other sports cars, such as the Jaguar F-Type.

Dembell Motorhomes relies on high-end design for interior décor. The interior is similar to a yacht, with three different colors of parquet to choose from. There are also two beds, one of which is a king, in the master bedroom.

The photos included in this article aren’t enough to show what Dembell Motorhome has to offer, so we suggest you head over to the website via the source link below for a 360-degree view of the cabin and more details on the standard equipment available.

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