“Demystifying Virtual Reality” Mediatheque Jean-Pierre Melville Paris Wednesday 27 April 2022

Conference: “Demystifying Virtual Reality” Jean-Pierre Melville Media Library, April 27, 2022, Paris.

Exact date and time: Wednesday, April 27, 2022
From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Jean-Pierre Melville Media Library invites you to a conference with Indira Thouvenin on “Demystifying Virtual Reality”, as part of the Numok Festival.

This conference will take you to Amazing world of virtual reality. We will talk about avatars, teapots, virtual pet cats, cognition, interaction, immersion, artificial intelligence, philosophy, ethics… With a simple and practical approach, you will draw A wide panorama of this area in full eruptionA statement of its assets, operations, equipment, sectors of activity, boundaries and prospects.

virtual reality expert, Indira Thuvenen He taught this major for 20 years at UTC (Compienne University of Technology), while doing parallel research at the UMR CNRS Heudiasyc lab. She was president of AFRV (French Association for Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction) for four years. Co-wrote the book with Romain Lelong Mysterious virtual reality, published by Éditions Eyrolles in 2020.

Pre-registration for this conference is strictly mandatory (see Opposing Booking Conditions). Registration opens on February 15th.

Mediatheque Jean-Pierre Melville 79 rue Nationale Paris 75013

Contact: 01 53 82 76 76 [email protected] https://www.paris.fr/equipements/mediatheque-jean-pierre-melville-1728 https://www.facebook.com/mediatheque .jeanpierre.melville

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Conference: “Virtual Reality Mystery” Mediatheque Jean-Pierre Melville 2022-04-27 Last update: 2022-04-27 by MediaTek Jean-Pierre MelvilleConference: “Demystifying Virtual Reality” Jean-Pierre Melville Media Library Jean-Pierre Melville Media Library April 27, 2022 Jean-Pierre Melville Media Library Paris Paris

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