Desjardins Youth Virtual Reality Summit

As part of the event that will conclude the first phase of the MRC des Appalaches Youth DNA Strategy, the Desjardins Youth in Virtual Reality Summit will take place on March 13th.

In fact, this completely different event is an opportunity to thank the 15-29 year olds from the region who participated in the public counseling last fall. It is also about raising their awareness and entertaining them through workshops on topics that interest them, and above all, presenting the main lines of the strategic action plan related to them.

Initially planned in person at the Thetford Convention Center, according to a completely different formula and above all very innovative, the summit was redesigned due to the conditions of a health crisis that had lasted for more than a year. The use of video conferencing and webinar platforms has become so present in the daily life of young people that they are imbued with it. Hence the idea of ​​keeping this pool interesting, immersive, and respectful of distance thanks to virtual reality technology. Participants will be presented with a comic by Matthieu Pepper as a thank you. This is the first of its kind in Quebec to organize an event of this size.

With the Oculus Quest headphones, it will be possible for young people from all over the region to participate directly and interactively at the summit. Over 100 Tech Helmets will be provided to young people with an exclusive 48-hour loan. Interested parties will have to register online on a first-come, first-served basis and will receive an email confirmation afterwards. Helmets will be distributed in proportion to the number of young people from 19 municipalities in the Migrant Resource Center. For those who couldn’t get their hands on a helmet, other options would be possible, either to install the AltspaceVR app for free on their computers in order to be among the virtual crowd or participate as a simple spectator thanks to a live broadcast on the strategieadnjeunesse Facebook page.

“Some issues have been identified for holding such an event. Companies that hire virtual reality groups in Quebec and Canada are very rare. So providing helmets is a big headache. Since we are pioneers in using this technology for the benefit of such a major event, it is likely that something other than Expected. We will manage it at the appropriate time. Note that regardless of the method chosen to participate, young people must have stable access to the Internet, “explains Dominique Jagnon Bourget, project manager.

“We are very happy to collaborate on such a dynamic project and in the image of youth in our region. The organization of this unique summit is a wonderful representation of all the creativity and creativity of our youth,” says Paul Vachon, Director of the Migrant Resource Center in Des Appalach.

“To make young people shine, there is no better example to prove that Desjardins is proudly contributing to this initiative of the Migrant Resource Center des Appalachs.” The Desjardins Youth Summit is the first of its kind in the region, but it is definitely not the last, ”says Matteo Clichy, Director General of the Desjardins de Apaach Fund La Region de Thetford.

Details on registrations and ways to participate in the Desjardins Youth Summit are available on the strategieadnjeunesse Facebook page.

Remember, the DNA Youth Strategy is a consultation process that was implemented in the fall. He encouraged young people between the ages of 15 and 29 to express their ideas and aspirations for their future and the future of their region. The entire process was developed by and for young people, in partnership with MRC des Appalaches and Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Frontenac. Thus, more than 600 young people from 19 municipalities expressed their views in order to define local and regional priorities and dynamics. A strategic action plan for young people will be drawn up in the coming months in order to implement projects in their own image.

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