Destroy the 7 computers and devices to get the microchips, Fortnite Season 2 Challenge Chapter 3 – Breakflip

One of the challenges in the Reconstruction category asks you to destroy computers and devices from the seven to get the microchips in Fortnite.

Once you complete the challenge It is an electronic game asks youLink to a device near Sanctuary, 2nd Outpost, or Synapse Station You will have to destroy all seven computers and devices in the game.

So, nothing more difficult, just follow the screenshots below which show you where these famous envelopes are. Please note that there are other sites but we are simply referring to the three closest to you!

Where are computers and devices with microchips in Fortnite?

As I’ve read, there are different places to collect envelopes. Below we show you a site with several devices that you will be able to destroy to get microchips, once the devices are destroyed.


Once you have collected the different microchips, you will be presented with a new series of tasks and challenges: Create a link to the device near Camp Cuddle, Chonkers Circle or Daily Bungle.

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