Detailed digital technology in schools

As we mentioned yesterday in our columns, all primary schools are equipped with the “Digital Base”. While presenting this digital school space in the presence of elected officials and teachers, the mayor expresses himself: “The municipality gives an essential place to the competence of ‘education’ and is constantly working to improve the environment for pupils as well. Both in school and in extracurricular areas. The municipality team has taken good note of this assistance based on A need was identified in advance and he was able to mobilize its teams to implement this project that is close to its core.”

Equipment and cost

Rice School. 4 interactive video projectors, 4 whiteboards, 1 mobile classroom (pack of 10 hybrid computers in networked bags for students), 3 teacher laptops, 3 video projectors, 3 pairs of computer speakers. Global digital investment cost: €13,365.89 inclusive

Lamartine School. 10 whiteboards, 10 interactive video projectors (each class will be equipped), 2 mobile classrooms (package of 10 hybrid computers in networked bags for students), 8 teacher laptops, 6 video projectors, and 8 pairs of magnifiers audio for computers. Global digital investment cost: €32,903.66 incl.

Kindergarten. Potential giveaways of materials for nursery schools are being studied. Devices recovered from primary schools as a result of this change can be allocated to preschoolers, marking the end of a virtuous cycle.

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