Development environment: PyCharm 2021.2 Supports Python 3.10

JetBrains posts never end: after WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine and DataGrip, now new versions of PyCharm and CLion have appeared. The Python IDE supports PyCharm 2021.2 Python 3.10 and allows automatic reloading in browser HTML previews. CLion, a C/C++ IDE, brings support for CMake 3.20 in version 2021.2 and extends debugging functionality even further.

PyCharm 2021.2 allows developers to use Python 3.10, the upcoming language version, which is currently still in beta status and It should finally appear on October 4, 2021. One of the innovations contained in it will be the matching of structural patterns. PyCharm 2021.2 prepares for this and aims to make it easier to use with a number of new features, including highlighting keyword syntax match And case. PyCharm 2021.2 also allows the use of Code Insights for the new syntax.

Taking an additional look into the future, JetBrains has announced the departure of three Python packages starting with PyCharm 2021.3: Mako, a template library written in Python, its Buildout automation tool and the Python-based web framework web2py will be deleted in the future.

Users of PyCharm Professional, the paid version of PyCharm, receive additional features. This includes code completion for fields and operators in the MongoDB console and automatic updating of HTML files in the browser when editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files are saved.

CLion is an IDE for C/C++ developed by JetBrains. In version 2021.2, the development environment supports CMake 3.20 and already has the programming tool – including new presets. The built-in LLDB-based debugger for the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolchain (MSVC) also has new features. The following Visual Studio Natvis customization options can now be used: File Inheritable– Theme, format selector, and CustomListItems.

In addition to a slew of other new debugging features, CLion 2021.2 also supports Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with its own WSL API, which means that the previously required SSH server within a WSL distribution is no longer necessary. It is also now irrelevant whether WSL is installed from the Microsoft Store or from another user-specified distribution.

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PyCharm is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux as a paid professional version as well as a free community version to download. On the other hand, CLion is only available as a commercial version for the same operating systems. However, some user groups can choose Free use of commercial JetBrains IDEs Qualified, which also includes the well known Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA, which has been integrating Eclipse projects since the last update. Free options are available, for example, to active contributors to open source projects, provided the criteria set by JetBrains are met.

All new features in PyCharm 2021.2.2 Update And CLion 2021.2.2 Update Listed on JetBrains.

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