Did Doctor Strange 2 really plagiarize this video game?

A fight scene from the new Doctor Strange movie appears to have been taken straight from an indie game in full development.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It had a bunch of impressive scenes with stunning visuals, but there was one fight scene in particular that stood out and impressed the audience. If you go any further in this article, beware of disclosures! (Other obsessive words have just joined this horrible version of the word spoiler in the French dictionary)

In the latest MCU movie directed by Sam Raimi, Stephen Strange finds himself confronted with a variant of the multiverse in an alternate reality. This fight, although short, is about a very special mechanic and original visuals to say the least. Actually, both Doctor Strange Using the instruments and tones they produce to compete relentlessly. This fight also ends on a very serious note (note, music, do you understand?) with our Stephen variant finding himself impaled on a barricade in front of Scantum Sanctorum.

Tribute or plagiarism?

This kind of strange scene that gives the impression that you came out of nowhere could eventually come from a completely different project, It’s not from Disney. An independent game developer seems convinced that the teams behind the latest MCU Phase 4 movie were freely inspired by his new game (not to mention plagiarism).

Stephen Ddongo (who has the same first name as Doctor Strange to add humor to this coincidence) has been working for some time on a JRPG called Symphony sword Which features battles based on music. This documents his game development process on Tiktok, where he hit a hit with several million views.

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The game features a character who is able to generate powerful attacks from luminous musical notes, A power reminiscent of the exact scene from the last movie Dr. Gharib. Coincidence, simple homage, or plagiarism, the reality is hard to pin down here, but there’s no excuse for discouraging the impact of plagiarism at the time of writing this article.

Strange scene added at the last minute

On the contrary, the revelation seems to confirm that this path is entirely possible. Several sources that worked on the new Marvel movie pointed out that This fighting sequence was added in the last moments of the movie’s productionwhen a large number of new scenes were filmed late last year.

Called by our colleagues from KotakuStephen Ddongo says:

All sources (citing people who worked on the film) strongly suggest that this scene was not in the original script of the movie and that it was a last-minute decision made at least three months after Sword of Symphony went viral in Tiktok and received praise from users for its concept.

Disney was contacted by our colleagues fromEurogamer Who are waiting for an answer from them about it. No matter which direction this strange start to the scandal takes, Symphony sword It sounds more than promising because this surprising musical concept exists Dr. Gharib or in this game.

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