Did Vin Diesel just announce his Jurassic World?

Video game lovers Ark: Survival EvolvedAnd the Vin Diesel Just announced on Instagram that a movie adaptation of a dinosaur game could see the light of day.

Everyone knows it, Vin Diesel loves cars, but no, he doesn’t just love cars, he loves video games and dinosaurs too. despite The crossover between Fast and Furious and Jurassic World is yet to be setDespite some expectations on the part of the fans, the actor can enter the world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are still being evaluated, in 2015 a survival video game came out Ark: Survival Evolved, the first game produced by studio Wildcard. It features an open world where the player must make his character live in a prehistoric world inhabited by creatures from the past. While Vin Diesel will lend his voice to the character of Santiago in the animated series ARK: Animation SeriesAnd the He will also have the right to have a character in his doll ARK IInext Ark: Survival Evolved.

ice Age

If the actor shared a teaser for the game on his Instagram account where we can see him riding a large dinosaur, then Vin Diesel privately hinted at it The world of the video game could be the subject of a cinematic adaptation.

“Ark Survival Evolved is the best game out there… my son introduced me to it many years ago. Then Wildcard and all its geniuses asked me to lead their businesses in TV and film… an honor I can’t describe. Every real gamer is excited for Ark 2!!! All of you will experience how the franchise will expand to the big screen. Stay connected. Always love.”

Jurassic World: The World According to: Photo Chris PrattSuppose it could be Vin Diesel

If nothing is official at the moment and we don’t know when or how Astronomy Can adapt to the cinema, we will not hide from you that we are as excited as fleas (as you surely know, the capital of dinosaur sympathy is rather loud, editorial staff). In addition, it would be such an adaptation Vin Diesel’s chance to prove his ability to deviate from Dominic Toretto’s character And that he can do more than drive cars.

until Riddick 4: Foria It does not give any news, we hope that the project will be Ark: Survival Evolved It will be confirmed that she will allow Vin Diesel to restore her image. Otherwise, we will find it in X fastThe tenth part of the saga The Fast and the Furious in 2023.

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