Did you know ? Free lets Freebox subscribers know who is using their internet connection

Did you know ?  Free lets Freebox subscribers know who is using their internet connection

You might not have known it, but Freebox subscribers can know exactly which devices are connected to their network and thus which are using their internet connection.

Whether it’s discovering a teen who is supposed to be sleeping instead of surfing the internet or a recently explored neighbor is finally continuing to use your internet connection, it can be helpful to monitor devices connected to your network.

Free allows you to do this through Freebox OS’s admin interface, which can be accessed from your web browser at http://mafreebox.freebox.fr/, But also with the Freebox Connect app, available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Freebox OS solution

With Freebox OS interface, after logging in, just click on the icon Network devices.

Then the open window lists the currently connected devices, giving the names and specifying the types. In this case, we found the only devices to be connected to the network, the two home laptops, the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy Z Fold2, under testing.

Below is a list of devices that were previously connected, including the 4G-enabled Galaxy S9 at the time of verification, the non-electrically connected mini 4K player or the Galaxy Z Flip that was previously tested and has since been returned to Samsung. It’s also strange to see the Galaxy Z Flip demonstrated by a desktop computer.

The list is updated automatically when a new device is connected. The Xiaomi Redmi 9A smartphone that is currently being tested has been added after its Wi-Fi has been activated.

By double-clicking on the Galaxy Z Flip icon, then on the Connect tab, you can see when the last connection to the network was made. Tested in June 2020, it makes sense that there will be idle back in this period.

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No Freebox Connect solution

From the Freebox Connect app, simply click on the “Devices” icon at the bottom of the screen between “Home” and “Profiles” to get a list of connected devices.

We also have information about how much data is being passed in in real time, which allows us to know if a device is active or not. Here, we can clearly see the start of the download on the Galaxy Z Fold2.

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