Digitruck to help people who have difficulties dealing with digital technology

Digitruck is A container equipped as a classroom, With tablets, computers and broadband connectivity. He spent two weeks in each of the major cities in the region. Associations and social centers in priority neighborhoods are mobilized in this project, but not only: Digitruck is open to everyone.

At the foot of Digitruck, Table announces today’s topics مواضيع Such as “layout a text”, “fill out an online form”, “send an email” or “create a secure password”. Then everyone can record in a notebook.

Digitruck has about twenty workstations with a tablet, computer and internet connection. © Radio France
Mathieu Darrett

Henri Lefèvre is the project manager for Digitruck: “We can have young people who come looking for a job, thanks to digital technology, and older people who want to reassure themselves in front of the computer, and then everyone who comes with the computer and their smartphone regarding the difficulty they are facing and We will find the solution together.”

Containment has widened the gap Among current computer users and then those who struggled for months and sometimes found themselves isolated.

Anne Marie says: “I am retired and It’s not my daily life at all, but I manage it. Finally, with a computer more than a smartphone! I don’t use it much except for email, search, or online shopping.”

I put the photos on my computer, but I love the photo album just as much.

Frances, another retiree, continues: “I mainly use it for emails and bank accounts. More and more, it is necessary. So, I am gradually adapting. But this is not clear.”

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The purpose of these exercises is also to discover who they might be Addressed to the existing structures that operate on this digital divide, in order to prepare long-term support.

Currently (until August 1) in Dunkirk, you will depart for Calais and Boulogne. And in September and October, the tour will stop at Douai, Lens, then Rubix and Lille.

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