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Former Ciney Youth Center host, now active in real estate marketing, Cedric Hoyt is passionate about radio. For several years, RMJ’s main focus was the Ciney Youth Center’s webradio. “A few months ago, two young people who took part in this project thanked me for sharing my passion with them. Maxime Nihoul is now working with the contact in particular. It touched me and reminded me how great this project was and how it allowed young people to discover the world of radio. Mouvio’s idea came to me in beginning of summer”

Photographer and videographer, Rochefortois is today crowdfunding launch for his new project. “The principle is to produce a two-hour video radio show in a mobile studio. In it, a partner company is highlighted through an interview and video images broadcast during the program showing from its headquarters its products, employees and qualities. With its financial participation in the program, each company chooses to sponsor a range of Young people whether it is a school, youth center, reception center for people with disabilities, or a non-profit organization that participates in the program. Discover the joys of radio for free. At the end of the show, this company receives the video of the show.”

Mouvio targets 4 sectors of activity: real estate, tourism, gastronomy, luxury and sports. “Our goal is to raise 8000 euros for the purchase of radio and video equipment. The interest of many companies is very present, as is the interest of youth groups. I will personally invest in the car that will serve as a mobile studio.”

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€2,100 has been collected at the moment. The pot is open until October 17th. If the desired revenue materializes, Mouvio, the “webradio video that comes to you,” will hit the road by January.

Mouvio demo video:

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