Disney Speedstorm: Get out of the jungle new platforms and characters for the free racing game

clones of Mario Kart They are a legion, but it must be admitted that a game of its kind with heroes Disney And Pixar, this is something to be envied. It’s a promise Disney’s Quick Storma racing game with power ups who will come out Free to play this summer. Confirmed for ‘PCs & Consoles’, with an emphasis on coming to Switch since it was revealed during Nintendo DirectBut the editor Gameloft Now he explains his plans.

Everyone will be served, and the title will land On the switch to it, on the PC via steamThe Microsoft Store and theEpic Games Store, but also on PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.. Other than that, recently, two characters from jungle book Actors announced for release: Hm Balu And Mowglistraight class courage And speedsterWho can, why not evolve on a circuit inspired by his license. The developers also provided a file Ares Circuit and the Zeus tourwhich are part of a larger environment called Mount Olympus Tribute to the various deities.

While waiting to be able to launch this free program, bookmark Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Is it available from 44.49 euros in Amazon.co.uk.

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