Do not click on this fraudulent link sent via SMS, it is a SCAM! (Photo)

Phishing attempts are on the rise in Belgium. Many of our readers who have contacted us via the ALERT US button are warning of a new scam.

Scammers are already trying to get you by invoking your mobile phone contract. Your Belfius Mobile contract has expired, renew here. Then these malicious people invite you to click on a link, but you will understand that it is important not to follow this page.

As a reminder, in the event of a suspicious email or SMS message, the authorities invite the concerned persons to send these messages to the suspicious email address

What do you do in such a situation?

Several tips should be written to memory in such circumstances:

Never click on a link you don’t know where it came from. Also, analyze the URL to see if it’s one that you know.

– If you click, change the passwords of your accounts and also get an antivirus injection

– To avoid inconvenience, block SMS number. To do this, if you are using an iPhone, click on the number, then “info” and again “info” and then “Block this correspondent”. On Android, go to your chat settings (represented by three small dots) and tap “Block Contact”.

– If you click the button, notify your bank and if you have sent your card data, call CARD STOP directly on 070 / 344.344.

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