Do you have a virus in the smartphone? Look out for these five signs!

A smartphone is a computer and is therefore also vulnerable. Viruses on cell phones are no longer uncommon these days – and that can become a huge problem at times of internet banking and trading online. Because it is often not possible to recognize malware at first glance. Malware embeds itself on smartphones unnoticed and steals sensitive data like passwords. At the same time, other hidden viruses can generate covert income from premium services and deduct it via your phone bill.

Smartphone malware: These are the symptoms of a virus

In any case, the user is the victim, but no matter how unclear the malware is, there are ways to identify it. The Checkpoint Security Researcher They identified five signs of cell phone infection that users could see with the naked eye.

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Virus performance degradation

If your smartphone’s performance suddenly drops significantly, that is the first indication that malware is present on your phone. According to security researchers, the same applies to apps that shut down automatically and important functions (such as a flashlight) suddenly no longer turn on.

Reduced operating time

Lithium-ion battery performance degrades over time. It’s not a big secret. However, if it does happen overnight, it is a cause for concern. In this case, you should open the Battery Runtime Watchlist in Settings and check which app is causing the downtime.

Increased data consumption

If you notice a noticeable increase in data consumption on your mobile device even though your browsing behavior hasn’t changed, this is another sign of malware. The reason for this may be exchanging information with third parties. In addition to that, it is also possible to call background paid ads.

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Advertise in notifications

You can understand the symptoms mentioned so far as indicators. However, malware can also operate more openly. For example, if you see unwanted ads on the Start screen, this is a clear indication of the presence of viruses – specifically, so-called mobile adware.

Unknown phone numbers

Another very obvious warning sign is that you have unknown phone numbers in your call log. The same applies to SMSs sent automatically and calls made. These can, on the one hand, harm your wallet, and on the other hand, infect your contacts with the same virus. Keyword: phishing.


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Cell Phone Virus: You Can Do It

The most obvious step, of course, is to uninstall the malware application. To recognize them, you must uninstall all applications installed shortly before symptoms appear and check them one by one. In Settings, you can also see which apps are “using” a lot of battery or data.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to install an antivirus program. This not only prevents viruses from installing, but also removes them afterward. This always depends on the scope of the software’s functionality. As a last step, you can soft reset the smartphone. Saved and unlocked data will be lost in this case, but the same goes for malware. You can find more helpful tips and tricks on cell phone security in our guide:

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