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Cyberpunk 2077. (Screenshot: Red CD Project)

Heroic hackers, evil AI, seductive virtual reality: video games and movies can’t do without clichés, but they are increasingly interested in relevant topics here you can put your knowledge of pop culture to the test!

Hollywood has long viewed people with a particular passion for computers and programming in a top-down fashion. Geeks with little social competence, eccentric black-hooded hackers or bizarre villains who want to program the world into regression with clever fingers, have dominated the image in movies and series. The themes of artificial intelligence and virtual reality have also been vaguely changed rather than taken seriously. Not least the rise of video games into the mainstream, the representation of hackers in popular culture has become more complex and diverse. Science fiction about AI like the Matrix or Terminator is now along with more realistic stories like Mr.Robot and Watchdogs. You can test how well you know your way about IT related games, movies and series in this quiz:

Cliché or fact?

By the way, cliches about hackers are not only found in movies and video games. Especially in non-IT related fields, there are still images that look more like witches than programming. Who knows what is possible with a computer like this? If you want to know how far away the images used are from reality, you should take a look at our list of the most beautiful stock photo hackers.

The film that introduced many old ideas in part from the fields of virtual reality and artificial intelligence is undoubtedly The Matrix. But there’s not much that’s really realistic about this cult movie either. For everyone who has wondered the real reason behind the iconic green number symbol that is used over and over again in the movies, we’ve revealed the surprising answer here. If you still haven’t quenched your thirst for knowledge, here is a list of all our other tests. Enjoy!

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