Do you use Google Chrome? You need to update your browser immediately

The most used browser in the world a Dangerous defect: It’s time to install New update Published by Google for Trust Chrome When browsing desktop and laptop. New Version 88.0.4324.150 For Windows, MacOS and Linux a Zero day vulnerability, Which is a security issue that shows the page for the activity of criminals who want to remotely execute malicious code on the victim’s devices.

Analyst Matthias Beulans reported on January 24 that it was identified by locals with the label. CVE-2021-21148. They have already been identified Attacks Has been accused of using it, for this reason Piggy has not yet released further details about its nature, in order to prevent the situation from getting worse before most users download and use the update. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “Pile buffer overflow“.

We know this is important V8, The Motor JavaScript The user does not even realize that he is being targeted when his privacy and information are compromised because he is hired by the browser and makes malicious actions particularly dangerous: you will fall into the trap of opening the wrong webpage. The consequences are not difficult to imagine.

According to an article published by the portal ZDNet, Recently exploited by located companies North Korea To target researchers working in the field of information security.

L ‘Update It usually happens completely automatically, but there is a chance of forcing it to shut down immediately: all you have to do is select the “About Google Chrome” item in the “Guide” menu, thus checking the browser’s availability and reinstalling without waiting. Eventually it will have to be restarted. It only takes a few seconds to be safe.

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Veronica Tucker

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