Does Gonami Close? Internal restructuring has been announced, to be clear

In these hours the news is spread that he wants to Gonami is going to close its doors After removing the three inner sections. Exciting headlines appear on forums and websites, but what is the truth behind this story? Is Gonami Really Closing?

Everything starts with one Document published by Konami January 15 e Associated with some internal changes Effective February 1. This includes changes with Hideki Hayakawa in the role of Shoji Deva, who will become the CEO and senior executive of the company.

However, this is not a concern and speaks to one last item in the document Internal restructuring by closing three offices: Production Division 1, Production Division 2 and Production Division 3, these teams will be closed permanently on February 1, thus it will be discontinued.

This obviously does not mean that Gonami will close its doors It will also stop making more video games because the company has other studios and internal teams, although the exact breakdown of these is not entirely clear to date.

No mention is made of the studio responsible for the EFootball PES series and the PES Productions currently in operation. eFootball PES 2022. Will this be the only strategic asset that Konami is active in making video games for home consoles? Hard to say, we say again, Gonami will not be closed until February 1st.

Veronica Tucker

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